Hempel Non Slip Deck Coating With Antislip Granules – Pale Cream – 750ml

Hempel Non Slip Deck Coating

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Product description

Description : Hempel non slip deck coating is a quick drying acrylic paint containing anti-slip aggregate. Physically drying. It has a good brush-ability and is resistant to sunlight, salt water and spillage of mineral oil. 

Recommended use : As an intermediate and finishing coat in anti-slip systems on interior and exterior surfaces above water-line. Suitable on steel and wood. 

Physical contents 
Finish : Semi-Gloss 
Volume solids, % : 46 +/-1 
Theoretical spread rate : 9.2 m2/litre – 50 microns 
Flash Point : 26°c 
Specific gravity : 1.3kg / litre 
Dry to touch : 1-2 hours at 20°c / 2-4 hours at 10°c